After School Program

The main propose of our Academy is to help form HEALTHY AND HAPPY KIDS!

We’re not just karate, we’re The Kids Center of Fun!

It’s hard for parents who need to work to leave their kids in an after-school program until they finish their daily routines. After-school programs are, in some cases, places where the kids do their homework, play table games, or spend time in a playground if the weather permits. When kids don’t understand why they have to do this every day, it can cause problems.

After-school teachers are not always understanding—they often just sit and watch the kids. When the parents come from work, they are usually tired and just want to go home and spend a little time with their kids before getting some rest.

This is a year-round routine for many children—no incentive, no new games or toys, no comprehension, and worst all, NO LOVE. The staff at Elite Karate Academy is here to make your child feel at home, around a family, and full of loving care!

This program includes homework and reading motivation, along with karate & fitness training and gross motor skills development.

After-school hours are Monday to Friday, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Coming Soon: Information about our all-day summer camp program!

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